Day 9: Horizontal Train Biking and Hip Flexor Stretches

Hip Flexor Stretch & Lunge with Excy Full Physique Transportable Train Bike
Fast Tip: Optimum pin placement: High or center gap (will range). Lie Keeper on ground and join Excy. Maintain pedals. Place proper foot in entrance of yellow bar. Step your left foot again onto the Keeper. Bend proper knee, straighten left leg and stretch hip flexor. Don’t prolong knee past toes.

Mendacity Down Train Biking with Excy for Health and Residence Bodily Remedy
Fast Tip: Optimum Pin Placement: No pin (will range). Place Keeper on ground or mattress and join Excy. Lie right down to cycle. Use abdomen and again muscular tissues to stabilize the trunk, pelvis, and to maintain hips dealing with ahead. Add stomach crunches and bridge for added complexity.

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